We offer exclusive partnership programs with specific service configurations and tools to support our customers in the energy system transition process.

Join us to drive the energy transition together

Our partnership program aimed to energy and consulting operators who have implemented at least one REC Easy model for the management of individual REC configurations

Our partnership program targeting aggregators, utilities and ESCOs who have implemented a scalable multi-community-wide and customised service

Our partnership programme for hardware manufacturers for integration with our planning and optimisation algorithm

Our partnership programme for utility operators, ESCOs, facility managers and EGE consultants using the ROSE Energenius platform

ROSE Smart Energy Platform maximises economic profitability, reduce operational risk and supports our clients leading the energy transition challenges

with innovative software solutions that optimise performance using real-time data and artificial intelligence.

Entering the ECOSYSTEM is simple:

  • complete the qualification process
  • activates at least 1 #REC Easy project or 1 referable #IntelligentEMS project


Simply fill in the form to start the qualification process and join our Partner Program

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