20 February 2024

ROSE Energy Community 2.0: innovation and simplification in the management of Energy Communities

ROSE Energy Community is the cloud-based solution for the simulation, promotion and comprehensive management of self-consumption configurations for the shared use of renewable energies (CACER). With the new version 2.0, ROSE Energy Community has revolutionized the way managers manage energy communities. With a number of significant enhancements, the solution sets the standard for scalable, efficient and intuitive CACER management.

Indeed, digitalization plays a key role in the introduction of CACER, and ROSE Energy Community 2.0 features significant improvements at every stage of the management process through a fully integrated process.

Let’s look at the key points of innovation in detail:

  • Digital capture of expressions of interest: an information page and a dedicated back office facilitate the recording of applications.
  • Simplified management and selection of applicants: access to a CACER with just a few clicks simplifies the management and promotion of participants.
  • Digitization of data and document capture: the efficient capture of all data and documents required for GSE submission facilitates the administrative management of CACER.
  • Advanced energy monitoring: the ability to quickly activate energy monitoring enables more accurate data without excessive complexity, while the independent creation of members’ consumption profiles reduces manual configuration.
  • Manager-optimized dashboard and visualization: the ability to see aggregated data and configurations in an intuitive way makes it easier to monitor numerous CACER.

1. Optimized Control Panel for Energy Communities

At the heart of the new version is the dashboard, which has been redesigned specifically for energy community managers and their supervisory activities. The new dashboard provides a comprehensive overview view for each CACER. The location of the community can be geo-referenced on a map, along with all delivery points (POD) that belong to the community. The management of multiple communities has been improved so that managers can now navigate more intuitively between different CACER.

In addition, new calculated metrics such as self-consumed energy and self-consumption rate have been introduced, and aggregations such as totals and averages are displayed for each metric, providing a more detailed overview of community energy performance.

2. Import and Export of all data with Excel

ROSE Energy Community 2.0 simplifies the process of uploading and sharing data. Managers can import hourly or quarter-hourly energy measures via a downloadable Excel template file. Bulk creation of members and their POD is just as easy thanks to importing via a special Excel file that speeds up the initial setup of a new community in an organized way.

In addition, all energy, administrative and economic data can be exported to Excel format for further analysis and reporting.

3. User recommendations with customized view

The new version introduces the Referent user role, which can manage one or more communities. The referent has a standard access and a user-defined view in the control panel, which simplifies the management of multiple energy communities.

4. Simplicity and speed for CACER configuration 

The creation and configuration of communities has been simplified. The new interfaces make the process more efficient and reduce the time needed to configure the community, its members and the associated POD.

ROSE version 2.0 also supports the Community Manager in the creation and submission of the GSE file.

To this end, the verification of members’ master fields and documents has been deepened and the possibility of backdating the activation dates of CACER and its POD has also been introduced. Installations can also be entered before they are actually activated. For each member, its POD and their type must now be specified, choosing between Prosumer, Consumer and Producer and activating the corresponding configurations for each case.

The “Advanced Onboarding” process guides members through registration, filling in administrative data and entering information on their energy profile or from their electricity bill to configure their consumption profile themselves.

Finally, the promoter’s form records who has applied to be a “prospective Prosumer” so that the community manager can assess whether it makes sense to install a system at their utility.

5. Automatic creation of Smart Meters

ROSE Energy Community 2.0 introduces the automatic configuration of smart meters through a new feature of the mobile app used by members. This process further simplifies device integration and increases the speed of initiating processes.

6. Prosumer visualization in mobile app 

The new version of the mobile app offers a special visualization for prosumers that makes it easier to see production and self-consumption. This feature aims to involve users even more in the process of managing and using their energy resources.

The mobile app also offers members a better and more comprehensive view of community, referrer and personal profile information.

7. Autocomplete and validation with Google Maps 

Integration with Google Maps simplifies address entry with an autocomplete and validation feature that ensures correct data and improves usability.

See ROSE Energy Community 2.0 live with Demo Webinar from Maps Energy Academy 

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The events take place online after registration and are aimed at both existing customers who want to keep up to date with product developments and those who are considering new business tools and want to understand how they can grow their business.

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