30 January 2024

Industry 5.0: The fifth industrial revolution is just around the corner 

industria 5.0

After the era of digital transformation, the industrial system is now facing a new challenge: the integration of human creativity and craftsmanship with the advanced capabilities of technology and automation. This new paradigm, referred to as Industry 5.0, is shaping the future of companies that want to combine environmental sustainability with digital innovation. 

At the heart of this development is the recently adopted plan for the transition to Industry 5.0, which is massively supported by the RepowerEu plan with more than 6.3 billion euros. These funds will be used to catalyse the green and digital transformation of companies by pushing the concept of Industry 4.0 with a more advanced touch. 

One of the most striking features of the “Transition 5.0” plan is the continuity of the tax incentive package for Industry 4.0, which will remain in force with the rates already set. This is described by Speaker Spallone as an ‘addendum’ to the “Transition 4.0” plan. 

The main mechanism remains that of tax credits, but with one significant difference. In the 2024-2025 period, the 5.0 plan provides for tax credits for companies that invest in tangible and intangible 4.0 assets. These investments also include the self-generation and self-consumption of energy from renewable sources and the training of personnel in the skills required for the ecological transition. 

The intensity of the tax credit will increase according to the improvements achieved by the companies, with a focus on at least 3% of final energy consumption and 5% savings compared to previous consumption achieved in the target processes. 

In contrast to the Industry 4.0 plan, companies must now obtain double certification. An ‘ex-ante’ certification, which is carried out by an independent assessor, certifies that the innovation project meets the funding criteria in terms of reducing overall energy consumption. The ‘ex-post’ certification, on the other hand, certifies the actual implementation of the investments in accordance with the provisions of the ex-ante certification. 

Plan 5.0 also includes a specific measure, financed with 320 million from RepowerEu funds, to promote the self-consumption of renewable energy by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. 

For companies wondering about documentation related to maintaining technology features and doubts about facilitating 4.0 investments, the Transition 5.0 Plan seeks to dispel uncertainty by providing a clear framework for the future of Industry 5.0. 

An enlightening perspective on Industry 5.0 

In this context of industrial evolution towards Industry 5.0, new opportunities are opening up for companies that want to combine technological innovation with environmental sustainability. To support this vision, Maps Group offers software solutions that maximise energy efficiency by promoting the transition to renewable energy sources

ROSE Energenius Efficiency software solutions fit perfectly into the context of Industry 5.0 and provide companies with the tools they need to master the digital transformation with a view to sustainable energy resource management. 

Thanks in part to the possibilities that these innovative tools offer companies, Industry 5.0 is not just a goal, but a concrete reality that promises to change the way we work while improving sustainability and energy efficiency.

ROSE EnerGenius Monitoring: Enables the monitoring of energy consumption in real time to identify waste and inefficiencies through special functions and unique algorithms for plant analysis. 

>> More information about ROSE Energenius Monitoring 

ROSE EnerGenius BEMS: Supports comprehensive and automated energy management of commercial, residential and industrial buildings to identify and implement the most cost-effective energy efficiency solutions, report potential anomalies in advance and improve environmental comfort. 

>> More information about ROSE EnerGenius BEMS 

ROSE EnerGenius COGE: Enables optimal matching of CHP engine operation to the actual energy needs of the business by analysing real-world CHP system yields, predicting optimal hourly control and implementing ideal set points based on efficiency targets. 

>> More information about ROSE EnerGenius COGE 

Additionally, Maps Group offers digital solutions for enterprises engaged in adopting renewable sources and implementing renewable energy sharing configurations. ROSE Energy Community cloud-based software supports the integration of renewable energy into industrial processes, opening up collaborative solutions that promote synergies among enterprises, thereby enhancing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. ROSE Energy Community, digitizes the processes of feasibility analysis, promotion, establishment, monitoring and management of energy data and incentive allocation for renewable energy sharing configurations (CACER). 

>> More information about ROSE Energy Community  

ROSE Energy Community Designer: the module that supports preliminary simulation and energy and economic analysis of renewable energy sharing configurations in a few clicks. It provides an estimation of key performance indicators that contribute to the realization of techno-economic feasibility studies of energy communities (ERCs), collective self-consumption groups (AUCs) and individual remote renewable energy self-consumption systems.  

 With its ease of use and numerous features included, ROSE Energy Community Designer helps develop and improve the business model and contributes to the formulation of a long-term strategy for managing renewable energy sharing projects. 

>> More information about ROSE Energy Community Designer 

ROSE Energy Community Promoter: the module that simplifies the promotion of renewable energy sharing projects and streamlines the identification and management of those interested in participating, from the collection of expressions of interest to the completion of the process of registering as an effective member of the community.  

It provides a dedicated web interface that is highly configurable and integrated with the management platform, enabling optimization of the promotion and development activities of members of a constituent Energy Community with just a few clicks. 

>> More information about ROSE Energy Community Promoter 



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