22 November 2023

Green light for decree on renewable energy communities

rose energy community

Incentive plan for the growth of Energy Communities approved by the European Commission for a total of 5.7 billion euros

The European Commission recently approved what was widely seen as a necessary step for the launch of the Renewable Energy Communities (REC) market. A massive incentive plan offering €5.7 billion in incentives, 2.2 of which will be funded by the Italian Recovery e Resilience Plan.

Gilberto Pichetto, Minister for Environment and Energy Security, commented on the news: “We are facing a new historic phase in the relationship between citizens and energy. Now renewable energy communities can become a widespread reality in the country, developing renewable energy sources and finally making the territory the protagonist of the national energy future. Thanks to energy communities, every citizen will be able to contribute to the production of renewable energy and take advantage of the economic benefits of self-consumption, even if they do not directly own the land needed to build the plants.”

Thanks to the collaboration already initiated with the main operators who have invested in the development of energy communities since the experimental phase, Maps Group can now offer the best solution for the scalability of projects within the strict deadlines set by the objectives outlined by MASE.

ROSE Energy Community is Maps Group’s proprietary solution that digitizes the processes of feasibility analysis, promotion, deployment, monitoring and management of energy data and incentives. It integrates ‘smart’ energy management, which plans and optimizes energy resources to increase shared energy, with a mobile app that allows members to know and plan their consumption at times when energy is available.

All that remains is for the decree to officially come into force, which is expected by the end of the year.

Learn more about the ROSE Energy Community and attend the MAPS Energy Academy training events on energy efficiency, forms of energy sharing and MAPS Energy’s software solutions to support the creation of self-sufficient energy ecosystems



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